Tuvan Throat Singers

Radik Tyulyush Solo Album CHALAMA (Only traditional Tuvan instruments was used.)


“CHALAMA” is the second Radik’s solo album. Chalama is a respect and tribute for Spirits of the Land.This album is a tribute for World Cultural Tree.
It contains traditional Tuvan tunes and songs with Radik’s arrangement and songs written by him and his relatives.

Only traditional Tuvan instruments was used.

RADİK TYULYUSH: Vocal, Throat Singing, Igil, Byzaanchy, Shoor, Doshpuluur, Chadagan, Percussion, Deer Decoy.

Sound recording by Sergey Kalugin,Alexandr Kostarev, Alexey “Mapa” Ivanow.

Mixing,mastering and keyboard (5,9,10) by Alexey “Mapa” Ivanow.
Sound effect by Sergey Kalugin, Alexey “Mapa” Ivanow.
Sound producing by Valery Atanova and Radik Tyulyush.
Executive producing by Valery Atanova.
Design by Natalia Atanova.
Color photos by Semen Amanatov.
Watercolor images by Valery Atanova.

CHALAMA Web-Site:http://chalama.kroogi.com/en/download/2831022-Chalama.html

See videos and more: http://chalama.wordpress.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tyulyush


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