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Documentary film about Tuva from series “Happy people” with English subtitles. May 15th, 16.00 Helsinki

Documentary film about Tuva from series “Happy people”.
Producer: Dmitry Vasyukov
Director: Mikhail Barynin
Camera: Semen Amanatov
Composer: Radik Tyulyush
The documentary was screened in Moscow in January, 2014. Filming supported by the Russian Geographical Society.
Spectacular landscapes filmed in the different seasons. Traditional cultures: reindeer herders in Tozhu, Russian orthodox old-believers in Kaa-Khem province and the steppe nomads-cattlebreeders.
The composer Radik Tyulyush will give an intro to the documentary.
Free admission.

Radik Tyulyush solo concert in Helsinki

Radik Tyulyush of Huun Huur Tu will have a solo concert in Helsinki, May 16th in the Russian science and culture centre. Starts at 17.00
Radik Tyulyush is a musician from The Republic of Tyva. As a member of two well-known world music bands Yat-Kha (2000 – 2004) and Huun Huur Tu (2006 – present), he has toured around the world. Along side with work in Huun Huur Tu, he develops the other projects. He released a solo album Chalama in 2013.
Radik’s latest key performances include WOMAD (Huun Huur Tu) and WOMEX (solo) in 2013.
The new documentary film about Tuva will be shown on May 15th, 16.00 at the same place. The film shows the lifestyle of Tozhu reindeer herders, Kaa-Khem region’s Russian orthodox old-believers and nomads-cattlebreeders of the steppe.
Tickets: 10 euros at the door. Free admission for kids under 10 years age.
KHÖÖMEI WORKSHOP by Radik Tyulyush
will take place in Karjalohja, May 17 — May 18th.